Friday, July 13, 2012

Dingle Ireland and Our Best Friend

Sandy Adkins
Waiting for Us to
Come Home!

You may wonder how Sandy is part of this blog about Ireland but let me explain why. Sandy, our wonderful and sweet lab is part of our family that loves us unconditionally. She sacrificed her comfort of being without us for four weeks while we vacationed without her.

Hurt she did not go, she loved us dearly when we returned home. 

First glimpse of Dingle on the Dingle Peninsula!

Sandy would have loved the beach at
Dingle where she could have romped on the sandy beaches yet miles away she was at home waiting for us. 

We named her Sandy because her first walk as a puppy was on a beach where she played in the sand!
Dingle where the dolphin, Fungi adopted the town and greeted every boat that comes in or out preferring to be with people than her own kind.

Dingle, stretching thirty miles into the Atlantic Ocean along the Southwest Coastline of Ireland and where you can see many fishing vessels along the harbour.
Meet Fungi, a statue erected in town along the waterfront so visitors learn about this dolphin that has lived here since 1984. Sandy would love to play with this dolphin from the shore of course safely keeping dry and warm where she likes it! 

And if she had wanted to rest, she would have love the B & B at the Captains House where she could have played with the resident dog! This residence was a true find with its quaint surroundings and the food layout left for us certainly would please anyone and their canine family.

Sandy would have even loved the entertainment in Dingle where live Irish music and traditional dance can be found-the best of which was along the waterfront where you can even find an Internet Cafe.

Yes, Sandy is part of our story so now while she is so ill, we wish to pay tribute to our sweet baby. She is now improving and time does still exist for more memories, but I wanted to pay tribute to our baby while she is still with us.

The following is a bit different from regular post but I hope you enjoy it and feel our love for such a special family member-Sandy.

Bonus Story


written on
July 4, 2012

"Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake,

I  pray to God my soul to take."

These are the very prayers I said as a child and found myself

praying these words tonight for our sweet Sandy.

Even in her hour of pain, she reached over to me as tears began to

soak the pillow where I laid my head and softly licked the tears

from my face while gently placing her paw on my hand.

"Oh Lord if this is to be the night for the angels to come for our

sweet Sandy, please have Your forgiving mercy on her and allow her

to pass with no more pain," we prayed.

Our sweet loyal friend is sick tonight, the worse we have

witnessed. As I sat in my recliner and watched her laying on her

bed in front of us, she began to whine, look at each of us as though

to say "Come close so you are near when I go" and gently formed

her lips, sounding off with a tiny whoof!

Then she would whine ever so quietly. Our baby of ten years, a

sweet chocolate lab was in horrible pain and we were helpless to do

much about it, except tell her she is loved so much by us all and her

heavenly Father.

We had spent six hours at the Vet earlier that day and they said

that her problems were fixable and that it was not yet her time yet

she was racked in such pain.

Doug slid to the floor and sat next to her but she kept watching

me with her brown browns and continued to whimper. I had not been

able to get on the floor for years for health reasons but felt

compelled to be near so I slide down my chair onto the floor where

we as a family laid together for hours.

Sandy needed us as if she were telling us that a special bond was

about to be shared.

I laid on the floor next to Sandy with my head in my husband's

lap as I stroke Sandy's chest and spoke to her while Doug gently

held her head. We kept telling her how much we loved her and it

was ok and we were here for her and we would never leave her.

We laid beside her for hours when she suddenly seemed peaceful. I

hurriedly watched her so closely to be sure that her heart was still

pumping when she looked up at me as though to reassure me.

The time came to move to our bedroom where she has yet another

soft bed where she wanted to sleep at night. Restless, she in time

fell back to sleep but we were afraid and now was a fresh moment
we could pray to God to either make her well or let her go.

Many tears were shed this night as Doug and I held each other as

we watched our sweet Sandy. "Please dear Lord, spare her any

more pain, allow us to absorb the pain and set her free to play and walk again."

It seems God was with us as we did not wake the next morning in

pain yet Sandy was able to walk ever so slowly but walked.

Praise God for his mercy.
Oh Lord, please grant Sandy, to be whole, young and healthy once more!
How she loved to play and fill the room with her toys including our remote controls!

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  1. Beautiful post, beautiful dog. God must love dogs to share them with the children He loves so much!

    1. You are so right Deirdre. God does love all his creations. And we so love our children-child and dog.

      Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. Beautiful, Rosemary! Great pictures. So happy Sandy is recovering.

    1. Thank you Linnea. It makes my heart smile when you enjoy my post. Sandy is recovering very slowly but we understand it is borrowed time.

  3. Rosemary, how I hope Sandy will have a full recovery! In our dog days, we had a black lab and a dalmation. We have become cat owners in our later years but still have fond memories of the dogs'"frantic antics"! I am going to post A Pet's Prayer on catnip but it will probably not be until tomorrow. Even though it relates to the cat, I am going to dedicate it to Sandy. After all, they both are pets, our children!

    1. Sharla thank you so much. I will be looking for the poem. I think she will be our last pet -it is just too painful to loose them. Sandy is getting better but she is old and is not long for this world though we keep praying she stays with us forever.

      Soon I hope to have my Tag figured out and posted here.

  4. I'm sure Sandy would have enjoyed going to Ireland with you, and I'm also sure that everyone you met there would have enjoyed her. But traveling overseas with pets is just about impossible.

    Although I know Sandy is still ill, I'm glad to hear that she's doing better.

  5. Hi Sandy, thanks for the support. Yes, she would have loved so much meeting our neighbors across the seas. As a matter of fact, I keep trying to find a way to take her with us to the trade show so she can greet our guests!

  6. Rosemary, this is a great post--I've seen it and thought I commented but then remembered you e-mailed it to me--so sorry. I think taking Sandy as your "mascot' in traveling is a great idea. I was telling a group in a chat about your travel book and how good it is. Promote. promote, promote lol.

    Much Love, Micki

    1. Micki,
      I am so sorry I did not see this comment or Sandra's. Thank you for promoting my book-that seems to be a two job occupation. I also talk about yours!
      Promote and support and write!
      Thanks again.

  7. I'm still sending up prayers for Sandy and I love that shes sharing our Ireland excursion with us vicariously!

  8. HI Sandra,
    I am so sorry I did not see this comment as each person that takes time to visit or comment is special to me. Thank you for Sandy's prayers. I saw your post today about the rescue dogs and death row and cried. It makes me so sad that animals are put to death when owners move on without them or otherwise. I could not bear to look at the photos again to comment. You are so great with you post. Thanks for visiting.