Sunday, June 3, 2012

What a glorious day for memories of Ireland!

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Surrounded by the Atlanatic Ocean
Today, the weather is overcast and sunshiny all at the same time. As I sit and enjoy my Irish coffee (not the flavored kind but the real coffee from Ireland) my heart and mind roam back to June 1, 2011 when we traveled from Seattle, Washington to Dublin Ireland. A sixteen hour flight and very long day.

When we arrived in Dublin at 6:30 AM in the morning, we were exhausted from our very long flight. You see, we had thought by splurging and traveling First Class (which we had never done before) things would be grand with all the special treatments of the forward cabin. 

When we arrived in Seattle and checked in we were told that there had been a change to our original seat assignments and we would not be flying next to each other from Newark to Dublin (the night time flight) and that simply put, angered and worried me to an exhausted state of mind. Traveling all night seated next to a stranger when we had spent so much money to take a trip of a lifetime was not acceptable.

At the check out counter they said they could not help us as my seat had already been given to someone else. They advised us that when we landed in Newark we should go to the Presidents Club and talk to someone there that may be able to help us.  All I heard was the word "May" and began to stress in a very unhealthy manner.

With my head pounding and tears streaking down my face, I tried to think it out as to what to do since I knew that we had been the first two reservations made on this flight months in advance. So I put my emotions out there for the airline executive I had gotten to know and she just said that she was sorry but seat assignments were not guaranteed and someone else had requested one of our seats.

Angered and with no where else to turn, I just hung up. So for the next eight hours, I stewed, cried, got sick and had a few drinks!  Upon arrival in Newark, I was so wound up, this entire leg of our trip had been a disaster.

Thank goodness after being lead all over the airport for help, we met someone that said there was no problem seating us next to each other but just not the original seats. We were happy this was finally settled and relaxed until our flight departed.

Our flight was called so we eagerly walked to our departing gate and began our happy journey to our newly assigned seats. You will never guess what happened next!

As we were seated, a couple also came aboard with a child about the age of five or six. She was a sweet looking child and appeared to be tired and cranky. CRANKY was not the word I would use to describe what followed the next several hours.  The parents were seated two rows apart and this sweet child threw tantrums the ENTIRE way to Ireland. The parents just kept passing her from one row to the next between each other and of course, our row was between theirs across the isle!

After it was apparent there would be no rest for us on this long journey that cost us dearly for seating we could rest reclined as we watched out our windows, we tried to watch movies but her screams were so loud, that didn't even work. So after many shots of Grand Marnier, I got sick! Yeah a great start.

As we approached the runway in Dublin, my next thought was how we were going to get through the day exhausted when I had booked us a tour of the Guinness Storehouse at noon.

Departing the plane was a true joy but not just because of this sweet child who was still throwing her tantrums but because we had begun our journey together in a land of our neighbors across the sea, where we had many plans of celebrating our last twenty four years together.

First stop: The Fitzwilliam Hotel

Photo of author and her husband in Fitzwilliam Hotel Lobby

In another blog, I will share with you just how special this hotel was for us and how you can enjoy their hospitality and special offer for those that own my book.

So you see, although the beginning was not what we expected and emotions ran high, in the end, all was as we hope it to be-A journey of memories to come.

I suppose the lesson here for us, was to trust in ourselves and each other and try to stay calm!

Next week, I will share with you some of our adventures in Dublin in a country where we met no strangers!

Douglas mapping out our route in Dublin

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  1. I want to jump into the picture at the top of your page--so beautiful. What a wonderful trip!

    1. Peggy, come jump in! We would love to take everyone back with us to this beautiful country and show all that dreams do come true.
      Thanks for the visit and please come back.

  2. Rosemary, Thanks for sharing your journey. I felt like I had a front row seat because your descriptions are so clear.

    1. Hello Dicy,
      Thank you for joining us on this journey. Such a trip it was and dreams came true in every way. I am so happy you have enjoyed the trip so far.
      Please Come Back!

  3. Hi Rosemary! I loved the story! It never fails that there will be a child somewhere having a bad day! At least she wasn't behind you kicking your chair! Thank you for the story! Deirdre

  4. Deirdre, what made this so bad was she was adorable and I could not say a word! Angry, she had spoiled our leg of the trip but happy to be there. Thanks for your comments. Join us on our next trip to Ireland and come back here for another visit.