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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Special Thanks for Our Gifts

Special Thanks for our Gifts Today, I find myself reminiscing about our trip to Ireland as tomorrow one year ago we left Seattle for Ireland. Sixteen hours in the air and we arrived across the sea where we met no strangers. A true gift of God's love. This was a special day but today is a reminder that God so loved us that he granted the wishes in our heart, that health would be bestowed long enough for us to take a vacation like we had not had for over twenty years due to health. I would like to praise the Lord for this special gift. We too often forget our blessings that the Almighty grants us and today is a blessed reminder how so grateful we feel that memories will always be in our hearts for our special time together. Life is brief in terms of Eternity so each day is a gift that only he can give. I ask myself what gifts I return and I believe that it is love for family, friends and you. My life has been harsh but nothing compared to his so I pray he forgives me for my lack of gratitude that each day is his gift to us from him. He has given us choices and they are ours to make. He forgives us our transgressions that most likely even offends him. So today, I give thanks for the memories of this special gift where my husband and I shared a memory from one year ago. Today we give special thanks for all we have because without him we have nothing at all. I wrote this during the early hours of the morning on May 30th but was afraid to share such a post when it had not much to do with my book. Tonight, my heart said that sharing with you was the best gift we could give him back. My words are not eleoquent but he knows what is in my heart. God Bless all of you my family and friends and ask you never forget that Gods love watches us all. I will post this week about Ireland but this day has been sttressful and I wanted to share my thanks for what I have. Many Blessings, Rosematy "Mamie" Adkins


  1. A beautiful reminder of how we should treasure life and all those people who make it special.

  2. I too have been profoundly thankful for the fantastic vacations I have taken with my husband. They are a blessing.

  3. Rosemary, how odd that at east four of us wrote inspirational blogs concerning God on the same day. You wrote beautifully and your words were heartfelt and wonderful to read.

    Love, Micki

  4. A wonderful message of thankfulness. I too have much to be thankful for. Too often I let the joy I should feel get stolen. I am thankful to God on your behalf that you and your husband were able to have this very special gift from HIm.

  5. Rosemary, your words are VERY eloquent! And you're so right, each day is a gift from God to be treasured as it will never come again.
    I'm so glad you and your husband were able to share this special time together!