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Our Journey Begins at the Fitzwilliam Hotel

This map was free hand drawn for my book by Diane Hazen.  If you care to follow along our route, you will be able to join our journey knowing where we are at each blog.
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The crisp fresh air was a bit chilly with dew still on the ground, but the sun was shining when we arrived at The Fitzwilliam Hotel at St. Stephen’s Green.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel Lobby
Hotel Room

We were greeted with an alert and compassionate hotel staff that accommodated us very quickly. It was a treat to feel so welcome after a long flight. It felt as though we had never left home!

Rosemary Adkins &
Bronagh Kelleher
It was early in the morning, but Dublin was already moving about. The bustle of the new day dawning promised good things ahead for our first day in Ireland.

The hotel was decorated in quiet tranquil decor. The hallways were painted a two tone grey with luscious burgundy carpets and an edging of white script lettering using the letter “F” for Fitzwilliam on the border.

The doors themselves were a heavy, dark wood, unlike so many hotels that offer white cold steel doors, giving you a chill as you enter the rooms.

The hallways were most pleasing to the eye and set a relaxing mood even before you entered your room. Our room and the others we observed had the same soft grey colored walls with vivid accents of purple window seating and cushions in matching patterns. Our drapes were fine velvet striped with gold, purple, and burgundy that tied the surroundings together and took my breath away. A handsome bed was framed in tufted purple with a headboard. Some of the rooms even had four-poster beds and private balconies.

You will find the staff outstanding in every department. The head concierge, Robert Devine, and his staff will help you with everything from your luggage to planning your day! Upon checking in, the front desk clerks treat you as though you were a family member they had not seen for some time and are happy to see you! The housekeeping department caters to your every need. Want extra coffee, tea, sugar, or hand lotion—that is not a problem; all you need to do is ask. 

Be sure to say hello to the sales director, Bronagh Kelleher, since she is the one who makes sure you have those special extras. She is a person of extreme perfection and integrity, and she is helpful in every way. A hard-working professional woman, she takes the time to ensure all your needs are taken care of and you find everything you need. We later met with her and she helped us put together the perfect offer for your own trip to this fine hotel. Thank you, Bronagh!

This five star hotel certainly earns its rating. It is first class in all departments. Our room was delightful in almost every way—I say almost because I am used to a bit more light and an outlet in the bathroom for my curling iron and those two things were not there. However, in fairness, none of the facilities we stayed in had bathroom outlets. We believe it is a safety feature due to water and plug-ins. Some women pack and use gas curling irons when visiting Ireland.

And don’t worry about arriving early in the morning, tired and needing a place to relax—The Fitzwilliam Hotel offers a feature we had never before seen. They have a dayroom you can use to get cleaned up and rest until your room is ready! How easy is that? No extra charge for that luxury either.

We had a complimentary tray of fruit (that came at a perfect time I might add), and most importantly, our room was ready at 7 a.m. Have you ever tried to check in that early anywhere? At almost all of the locations we’ve visited, you have had to wait to check in later. Much later! In this hotel, they believe arriving guests are tired and need a place to rest and clean up, so they have the dayroom available!

The concierges, Robert Devine and his staff, simply stated, were AMAZING! Our entire stay was just exactly that way down to the smallest detail—even the housekeeping could be called amazing. Whenever we would return, our room had not only been cleaned, but tidied up as well. Items were rearranged on the counters and desk so your room was picture perfect each time you entered. At night, they came back and offered a turn down service and gave us a two piece box of chocolates—a very nice touch. The decor was extremely tasteful and restful in every corridor, room, and lobby.

View of the living area
from private kitchen!

We had a chance to see the penthouse. Now if you want pampering, this is the place to be—2,000 square feet of luxury!

Penthouse Master
So all in all, if you are looking for that perfect vacation, this is it! FIRST CLASS IN EVERY WAY.

We had truly found the place to be in Dublin—where five star hotel did not mean stuffy and pretentious but polite, friendly, buzzing with activity, and exquisite all in one! It was a real treat to have a place to rest for a couple of hours before setting out on our first day in Ireland.

The restaurants in this hotel are rated a Michelin category. The head chef, Kevin Thornton of Thornton’s Restaurant and The Citron Restaurant, was featured on the Food Network and is regarded as one of Ireland’s top chefs.

A dinner prepared from his kitchen is sure to please the most discriminating critic! You will find an assortment of offers at a value that will both surprise and please you!

Connemara Marble Tub and Shower








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If you want to vacation in style, be sure you do not miss this hotel. There is another property in the middle of the Grafton Street area, but at the Fitzwilliam Hotel you are within walking distance of Grafton Street, and as an added bonus, it’s a quiet retreat from the noise of this well-known shopping area.

At present, the Fitzwilliam only receives 25 percent of its business from the United States. However, we feel this is because you do not know about it yet, or you think you can’t afford a five-star hotel. But the Fitzwilliam is worth investigating. And don’t forget to ask for your special package tied to this book!

The Fitzwilliam is one hotel we hope to visit again, but if you get there ahead of us, please say hello to Bronagh and Robert.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful commentary and wonderful photos--you have made Ireland come alive for all of us!

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    This is a really beautiful blog and you write like a qualified travel agent in your descriptions. If I can't get to Ireland, I can see it through your eyes.

    Hugs, Micki

  3. Someday I am going to Ireland, it is on my bucket list. And you'd better believe that I will be in touch with you for all the details of what to do! I thought that I was subscribed by email, but wasn't. I am now. Love, Deirdre