Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to Our Take on Guinness StoreHouse - Dublin

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to Our Take on Guinness StoreHouse - Dublin

Doug - enjoying his pint of Guinness
Today, I thank my many blessings for family and friends. Over the last few months I have been busy meeting people from all around the globe on Linkedin and Facebook as well as at book signings. So in tribute to my friends on Linkedin that are fellow Authors, I have included my Pinterest boards where you can repin and follow us all. You will find all my addresses at the end of this blog posting.

This fine Saturday we want to take you along to the Guinness Storehouse.  This was our first stop along the way once we had rested for an hour in our beautiful room at the Fitzwilliam Hotel. 

Guinness bottles over the years
Our tour was scheduled at noon and we had reserved a special pass that moved you ahead of crowds. I would like to tell you that this was not necessary to buy the more expensive tickets. We had thought that arriving at noon there would be a huge crowd and did not want to stand in long lines knowing we would be tired. There were no long lines anywhere on the property. We moved through the tour which is self guided looking at displays on seven floors which included barrels of barley and water. While they were interesting I kept wondering where everyone was. The gift shop was large but not that crowded yet it kept us curious as to all the hype. Every man in the universe must be here but where? And their partners?  Yes, there were many people roaming around and some gathered in places but we were able to take photos without much traffic. So where was everyone?

Partial view of Guinness from 7th floor window
The Guinness story is one you certainly do not want to miss learning about if you are in to history and good beer, but this is not a hands on tour. Meaning that there are no tour guides and no hands on tours as watching it being made. We at least in the United States have been spoiled with these type of tours where you can actually see the making of ice cream and the sort but here, they say for sanitation reasons they do not allow anyone on the actually site where the beer is made. 

How sad and disappointing-why not a glass partition as we have here. We were anxious and most interested in seeing this type tour as we had studied the history behind this most intellectual man that created a beer that is now distributed all over. A genius that took barley, water and other simple ingredients and made a fortune while providing hundreds of jobs. I'd say that was sheer success. But where are the people??

As we walked or took the elevators from floor to floor looking at displays, we grew closer to the seventh floor when we began to hear the laughter from above. Had we finally found all the people? Then as the elevator doors opened to the seventh floor-the bar where you are invited to have a free pint of Guinness as part of your tour price, there was standing room only! Here is where there must have been at least 300 to 400 people!  The view from here was simply awesome. Glass windows surrounded the entire room where each person held and enjoyed their beers. 
This is where everyone was!

Now, I am not suggesting you not take this tour as it was interesting but it takes you at least 2 to 3 hours and it was our belief that sight seeing the Temple Bar area with so many places around it would have been a better choice.

We wanted to get to know the wonderful Irish and Guinness was in every Pub in all of Ireland! So why not stop in at say, Gogarty's or any number of pubs and enjoy a pint of Guinness, meet the great people that live there along with other visitors from all around the world. I might add, that eating in pubs is a great way to enjoy meals at affordable prices. Our first try at the lambs stew was at Gogarty's and we were truly impressed. But food in Ireland is another story.

We are not professional reviewers, just ordinary people taking a vacation and trying to use our time wisely.  If the other sites in Dublin are not as important to you to visit or if you are spending weeks there, then you should take this tour. After all, it is a great product and the man himself is fun and educational to learn about.  
Honest, they aren't both mine!

If staying close to the St. Stephens Green, the Hop On Hop Off bus takes you within a block of this tour. 

For a detailed review of fun facts and general information about the history of Guinness you can find my book on my web site listed below and E-Book on  All addresses follow below. 

Hint for this blog:

Be sure to wear great quality walking shoes or your tour and trip will be painful as many street are cobblestone and difficult to manoeuvre!


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Happy Traveling!

Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins



  1. This was a really interesting post. I could almost picture being there. Like the English, when I drink beer , which is rare since I don't much like it, I drink it room temperature. The pictures were great and you could easily get a job as a tour guide!! Thanks for the trip into Ireland.

    Hugs, Micki

    1. Thank you Micki. It is always a treat when you visit. I can hardly wait to see my review for my book itself. This post was not from the book but it offered a slightly different look at the Guinness. It was not as detailed as the book but I am so happy you enjoyed it.
      Thank You.

  2. Thank you, that was superb! Like I said, one day I will visit and meet relatives! Keep up the great work! L&K, Deirdre

  3. Deirdre,
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Your support is so important to me. I hope someday you do visit Ireland and find for yourself that you will meet no strangers.

    Many Blessings,

  4. This comment was posted for Linda Hales, Author of childrens books and can be followed at: and forwarded to this blog to be copied and pasted as her own comment. Thank you Linda.
    You are an amazing tour guide Rosemary. Your strong affection for Ireland can be felt in every well chosen word and though I have never visited there, I have a strong urge to do so soon. My paternal ancestors were from County Meath and maternal ancestors were from England and Wales so a visit there would be a heartfelt experience. I have vacationed in at least a dozen countries but always felt that the UK had to be a dedicated trip. Now, when I think of Ireland, I think of you so keep up the excellent advocacy Rosemary- Ireland appreciates a true and loyal friend!

    Posted by: Linda Hales, Author

  5. Thank you Linda for such a fine comment. I did copy and paste your comment here but it does not show up as your comment. I did not know how to make it appear correctly but wanted to share your remarks. I credited you above the comment. I thank you very much for visiting and so sorry you had a problem with my comment link.

  6. Thanks for a wonderful time and I did wear my comfortable walking shoes. Great pics!

  7. Nice entry. This makes me want even more to go to Ireland. Never thought about making Guinness....