Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Man I Married

Greetings All Family and Friends.
Today I wanted to add a post because it is Fathers Day and such a special day for millions of people. So although it may not seem to be related to my usual blog about Ireland, it some ways it does. It is because my husband and I share such a great life together our trip to Ireland was possible and filled with memories we will share forever.

This is a tribute to "The Man I Married" and a terrific father.
June 17, 2012
"The Man I Married"

August 6, 1988
This is the date my life had new meaning, purpose and love.

Douglas is the man of the hour today. He, as so many others in this world is a fabulous Father and Husband but in my opinion cannot be compared to any. I say fabulous husband and Father as many others in this world but the truth is, there may be many fathers out there but to be great certainly would bring the count down. They are a distinguished group of fine men that know how to love, protect and honor their families.

We met in 1986 at church as we both were re-affirming our belief before God.  What a special time and place to meet and marry the man of my dreams in the house of the Lord.

Doug and Kecia at the beach
 with her dog, Coco early on
Douglas was and is the air that we breathe, the love that brings us life and faith that holds us strong.  He took to Kecia, my daughter as though he had been her father her entire life and gave her the security I never knew. Our favorite place together became the beach which is where I always found my peace.

A Father shows you stability, gains your trust, love and a helping hand.

He gave us hope for all the tomorrows never giving up on us no matter how strange things felt to him. He was a part of us both. He took us by the hand with love and showed us how to love and be loved. We played together, prayed together and loved each other. Life had meaning because he is a  HUSBAND AND FATHER .   

My life had not been a happy place to ever feel the security and warmth from a man,  and certainly not what my  memory longed to find. Many heartaches and tears were in place of the "glad times" as Pollyanna use to say. My life was no Pollyanna but more like the step daughter's in "Mommy Dearest!"

 You never realize what you miss until one day life taps you on the shoulder and love is all around you. I believe God one day decided I had made enough mistakes, suffered without that special bond between a husband and wife and then family, too long and placed me in the right place where one fateful day just before Easter I was to be introduced to my husband, Douglas. It was a little over a year later my daughter, Kecia and I had a family of three all loving each other. Doug, having never been married before and having no children had a ready made family and that certainly had to have been a challenge but never did he complain or get too cranky. He just dealt with lady things being around and bathrooms that were no longer just for men!

Thank you for being so good natured. I gave him a trip deep sea fishing, again a surprise that I believe he would have rather skipped. Sick, chilled and tired he drug himself out to go fishing in rain and tiny boat where he caught ten sea bass and two Ling Cod-all because he could not say no to two women in his life-his wife and daughter-What a sport! 
Again a marvelous Husband and Father!

Our daughter and her child, Hershey!
After all these years, I can only remember once when he came home, opened the door and found all his belongings moved around once more, (as Kecia and I were always rearranging the furniture) that he threw is helmet!  Then he sat down and laughed and ask me if I had been bored on my day off from work!

She loves to give Huggies!
Yes, our lives have been filled with hard times due to my health issues and leading to a one income family adding more stress to his life but we have never missed that special togetherness or ingredient called "LOVE."

Our other child Sandy!

He has stood beside me when I would come up with yet another idea of how to raise money, sat beside me countless hours when in a hospital bed and always available for his daughter traveling all over to be there for her in competitions and then college. And again in her marriage, always being the best Dad in the world.

Yes, I would say we are winners, the three of us. We are lucky in love, spiritually connected and after 25 years still so in love.

This is only a small part about "The Man I Married" which is a book in the horizon.

It is my deepest desire to see every woman have this same happiness and because he gave our daughter this special bond, she too has found her happiness with her husband.

Today and everyday, we wish my husband, Douglas a Happy Fathers Day with as much love as a wife and daughter can offer.

This is our family:

Douglas Earl Adkins
Rosemary Jeannette Adkins
Kecia Adkins Doke
Jonathan Doke

A Las Vegas Wedding Celebration
Indeed a happy ending!

Douglas, we cherish you and love the devotion you have so generously given us as the best Husband and Father.

Last June, we shared an anniversary in Ireland where we plan to one day take our daughter as that's the kind of Father Doug is!

We will Love You Always.
Rosemary and Kecia


  1. Rosemary, I enjoyed your lovely post. You are indeed lucky to have found such a loving and giving man to share your life. I hope you share many more years together.

    1. Sandy, You have no idea how much he has influenced my life and made us a family. He has given now "our daughter" so much to appreciate and he loves her dearly. She and I love him more than any words could ever say. Thank you for visiting and liking this post.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to the man you love! I plan to put something up on Monday for my husband's birthday. God has blessed us with wonderful men. It's cute how you 'tied' Ireland into it all! Who says you can't expand? Hugs, Deirdre

    1. Deirdre,
      I just had to write this. Doug has given me the strength to fight back when down. Sat by my side when so ill hours on end. Gave my daughter a father that truly loves her and is forever loving us. He is my Extraordinary Dream come true.

  3. What a beautiful post and what a beautiful family! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us!

    1. Sandy,
      This was not the typical Fathers Day post but one I had written just for him. After reading Deirdre's wonderful post, I thought why not-Doug is a great Dad and wonderful husband. Thank you for visiting and reading this post even if it was not about my book. In some ways it is because if he had not loved and cared for me while so ill, there would never have been a trip or book.
      Please come back again.

  4. Rosemary, what an awesome tribute to your husband and father of your children! Congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes for many, many, many more to follow! Thank you for sharing such beautiful insights into your family!

    1. Thank you Sharla, This tribute made me smile while I had been so down from fighting my foot issues. He is my life and I wanted to share what a great husband and Father he is and has been. It is not our anniversary although we do celebrate life with each other as much as possible. Our anniversary is August 6, 1988. My date on top was confusing but you are so special to wish us the special wishes you have. I am so very appreciative. I do hope you will visit again.

  5. Beautiful tribute, Rosemary. I'm so happy for you. So very happy. :)

    1. Linneann,
      Thank you so much for your wishes and support. I am so lucky to have my husband as he loves us so much and he has given me the strength to fight all these years to win my medical struggles.
      I do hope you visit again.

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    1. Mary, I hope you come back and leave your comment. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. True love is a gift and so hard to find. Congratulations! It sounds like you treasure it. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful tribute.

    1. Peggy, God blessed me with this special bond with my husband and daughter. Our family is my treasure above all else.
      Thank you for commenting and please come back.

  8. Rosemary,
    There's no greater gift you could have given Doug than this lovely tribute to your ongoing love for each other and your daughter. I'd say he is a lucky man but then all of you are. May you write another tribute like this one on your 50th wedding anniversary!!

    Love, Micki

    1. Micki,
      I hope another 25 years is in store but for now, I treasure each day. This group is so special to me as it feels we are all family here and what greater gift than family and friends?
      Thank you for being mine.
      Hugs and Prayers,