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Historical and Shopping Paradise!

Greetings and  Céad míle fáilte to my family and friends from around the world!

Today I would like to offer you a look at the reasons you should not miss out on one of Dublin's finest shopping experiences. So let's walk together and experience some of Irelands finest displays of craftsmanship. Be sure you have on walking shoes as you will need them even here! I did forget in my article to tell you on the corners you can usually find mini markets where the Irish Lottery can be played as well. Even if you do not win, maybe we can help the economy there just a little!
Take this virtual journey into our neighbors across the seas shopping mecca and leave me a comment as to how you liked it!


Visiting Grafton Street was some experience! Staying at The Fitzwilliam, we just had to walk out of our hotel, take a left down the sidewalk, stroll about 100 yards, and we were in the busiest shopping area in Ireland.

Strolling down Grafton Street, you can sightsee, eat, grocery shop, buy anything you want, and be entertained all at the same time! Now, that is a treat to say the least.

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I have read reviews that state Grafton Street is like a busy mall or any large city’s shopping strip, but that is simply not true. I would like to know where else you can shop for hand-knit woolen goods, grocery shop, dine, buy fine jewelry, be entertained for free, or stop in for a drink all in the same place. This is one area in Dublin where you can be entertained every other block like in no other part of the city.

No, Grafton Street was not like anywhere we had ever been before, and we would love to go back there just to look around, people watch, and be entertained! You can spend the day there for free, or literally, shop until you drop. Now, in all fairness, although we stayed at The Fitzwilliam Hotel and simply loved every detail about it, you can also stay in the middle of Grafton Street at The Westbury Hotel.

The Westbury Hotel’s website describes it as: “a Dublin landmark, synonymous with luxurious elegance. Step out of its front door and within minutes you can be wrapping yourself in designer brands on Dublin’s Grafton Street, or immersing yourself in the black stuff with a trip to St James’s Gate and the Guinness Storehouse.”

There is no doubt that Grafton Street is Dublin’s finest shopping mecca. Designer clothes, cosmetics, and perfumes, prominent jewelers, and shoes are everywhere! Not just shoes, but great quality shoes—I wish I had waited to buy a new pair there so they would have been different from what is here at home.

There is anything and everything there—even pharmacies with the most knowledgeable pharmacists I have ever met. I injured my foot while walking and, of course, on a weekend, so I went to a pharmacy and asked for help. When I told the pharmacist I was a diabetic, he said he would look at my foot and tell me whether I needed emergency care. This was a major help for us. All was well; his advice was easy to follow and his help made me feel secure.

Giftware is abundant too along Grafton Street. From ties, tweeds, sweaters, throws, crystal, diamonds, body shops, bath shops, treatment spas for your feet, camera shops, pet stores, grocery stores, telephone stores—so many things it would take pages to list them all. Need a bank? It is there, too.

A mall called St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is at the top of Grafton Street where you can find just about everything I’ve already listed all over again. This Georgian Shopping Centre offers many fine aspects found nowhere else, so along with the Grafton Street area, much is available and an entire day can be spent there.

Still more—check out the next centre at the bottom of the street. Avoca is a mini-department store with a seven level mini-department store featuring fashions for men, women, and children, along with household items and even a cafe. We did not get that far since I was tired, but a clerk along the way told us all about it. We had shopped in probably every store, had a few drinks along the way, listened to entertainment, and watched performers the entire day from morning until dusk, so for us we now had to call it quits.

Grafton Street is a one mile stretch with thousands of pedestrians crowded onto the street at all hours, and if you do your share of shopping, it will feel like you have walked fifteen miles by the end of the day. However, vehicle traffic is no concern since the street is closed to autos. Serious shoppers—this is for you! Don’t forget to stop in at a coffee shop for a break—many people suggested Bewley’s to us, but it was too crowded for our tastes.

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  1. As always, your blog post made me want to buy a ticket and head for Ireland! I can just imagine sitting on a bench alongside the promenade, watching a parade of humanity pass by. Though I'm not much of a shopper, I will splurge on beautiful hand-crafted goods, so Grafton Street would definitely be the place for me.
    Keep up your delightful posts. I look forward to them.

    1. Sandy, It is a must visit-much as a good read!
      In 2013, I really want to organize a tour and take everyone back to Ireland.
      Want to travel where you will know no strangers?

  2. Oh, that sounds like so much fun. I'm so glad you got to enjoy this trip of a lifetime.

  3. I am so enjoying my Ireland excursion and I've tweeted your post, so others can join us in our travels!

    1. One day, Grafton St for me! Love your posts, Mamie!

    2. Thank you Sandra. I really want to travel back in memories and share this trip.
      Deirdre, Grafton Street offers so much to do, see and just play!
      Thank you both for visiting my page and please come back.

  4. I just love Grafton Street. Your descripion made me feel like I was right there--so much to do and see. Can't wait to travel to Ireland. It's on my list of places to go. Thanks.

  5. Peggy, thank you for visiting Grafton street and shopping with me. The entertainment along this street are so delightful and you will never be bored here. Come visit the Emerald Isle with us in 2013. A great tour is in the brewing stages! Thanks for visiting my page.