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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing on Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

The Next Big Thing is a series of blog posts where authors talk about their work using the same ten questions. At the end of the blog we tag other authors who will do the same thing a week later. So not only do you get to find out more about my book but you also will discover some other interesting writers.

The wonderful Sharla Lee Shults tagged me. Sharla's book, Awakenings from Then 'til Now, is available at Tate Publishing now but will be officially released on January 22, 2013. Congratulations Sharla!

Sharla Lee Shults is a talented author that expresses herself with heartfelt poetry that lifts your thoughts and emotions with every word as she has done so well in Echoes, one of her prior books released in 2004." She writes from the heart, and uses expressions she gathers from life experiences themselves making each page riveting with joyous reading that speaks to you.

Thank you, Sharla, for giving me the opportunity to introduce my latest book, Mamie which is currently a work in progress and expected to be available by or prior to Summer 2013. This book was made possible after finding my voice with my first book, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler. I found it also gave me the strength to complete a difficult book to write, one I began over fifteen years ago.

1. What is the working title of your next book?

My new book Mamie is expected to be completed and released by Summer 2013.

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

For over fifteen years I have struggled with the memories of abuse as a child, and I knew that if I could reach at least one person who felt no hope in his or her heart and show them that giving up should NEVER be in their thoughts, should never be an option, then I must try. This story is about my life: the struggles of a young child at age of four, as I learned about being unwanted and not loved, about being abused and having to learn to stand alone. My older brother was my protector and only connection to love, yet he was just a child himself and was abused as well. With these facts my book took a life on of its own as memories unfolded and became the sole reason for my desire to reach out to others through my work.

3. What genre does your book fall under?

Creative NonFiction.

4. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

Although I have heard that Mommie Dearest had controversy surrounding the facts, I assure you the facts from my book Mamie will present no such doubts.That being said, Joan Crawford as she played the part in Mommie Dearest, would be my choice for Sara, my mother. I would also select for my father Jack, Patrick Duffy of Dallas as a quiet meek man that was easily bullied. Sylvester Stallone is my choice for my older brother, Herb, a fighter and protector. Nicholas Cage would play my younger brother, John. Quiet, worldly, focused and a boy that had it all. My Nanny Colena would be played by Oprah Winfrey for her spunk, and Robert Redford would be my final rescuer (my husband, Douglas). As for the others I need to think about it a bit longer or just allow you to decide for yourself!

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Sad, afraid and alone in one of Mamie's darkest hours, she shows you how she finally found her own way.  

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Unless I am lucky enough to be picked up by a publisher, I will remain as an Indy writer and self publish.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

I wrote this book in part over fifteen years ago, but it was too painful to complete. Years passed before I started up again, and it was about two years ago that an outline was written to match what had been written, filling in the details yet to write. Since that time, I have written it in first and third person and even tried to write it as a novel-a fiction.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

There are only two books that draw my mind as a possible comparison. One is Dave and the other Mommie Dearest.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Abuse in this world is wide spread, following generations as a learned behavior which is difficult to stop. My own life with abuse began at an early age and followed me for forty years. Eventually, though, it became clear that I had to reach out to help those struggling with the thoughts of giving up or feeling unloved, feelings that followed me for many years, as I had no one to help except my older brother, someone who fought the same demons.

10. What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?

Mamie will take you on a wild ride as she makes endless attempts to escape the horrors and abuse of her life. Some things will make you cry and others may cause you to laugh hysterically at the absurdities of many ideas for escape. Learn where and how to find help should you find yourself in these same circumstances and how to stop the insanity of this cycle. Discover how the simplest denial of a teddy bear for a small child returns to haunt an adult. If you are looking to connect with Mamie because of your own neglect or abuse, this book is for you. If looking for a release or permission to sob away those sorrows, this is the book that will allow those emotions. But the message is very clearYou must NEVER EVER give up! This is only the beginning, but I can't spoil the story for you.

MAMIE will not be available until Summer 2013 but you may write to: to reserve your signed copy of the first books shipped. 

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler is available at:
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A contribution from each book sold goes to benefit the Abused Children/ and Women's Shelter Program and/or the Research Department for the Diabetes Association.

Children and adults alike will need counselling and many times funding to get it so hopefully my donations will help. Abuse is a form of trauma which is a leading cause for Diabetes and because a Cure is needed, a donation for research funding is needed, and I would like to help.


Rosemary Mamie Adkins



  1. Hi Mamie, What an eye opener this will be, should a film be produced with respect to your childhood. As a former Behavioral Therappist, I couseled children who also experienced not only physical abuse, but emotional abuse as well. It was very difficult at times, but thank God, I was able to offer a ray of hope to some of these children, who some viewed as outcasts.
    You are an inspiration to those who want to survive, but are weak in spirit. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  2. Johnny, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know that you are supportive of this book. It has taken me almost fifteen years to write it. First because my mother was still alive and I was still trying to gain approval and then because the memories were too painful to remember and then because I was afraid. Many things happened to me growing up but at an early age, I learned to count on only myself, to stand alone. My older brother tried to protect me but he, himself was a victim of abuse. I tried to quit life at an early age but I failed there too or so I thought. Now, I am ready to finish my book but having my issues with memories and want it to be accurate. Also, I can want to get it across to everyone, abuse is not their fault and to NEVER EVER give up which is one of my largest driving forces to relay. If I can reach just that one person that is in the place I was, then all this would be worth it. If I can reach that one person doing the abusing so they will look at it and get help, it will be worth it.
    My point is, I just want to be helpful as there was no hope or help when it was happening to me.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Rosemary, this is an excellent interview and expresses your wishes for this book and what it entails in a clear way, making everyone who reads this interview, including me, want to read this book which shows such promise. I can't wait for it to be publishd as it's sure to have a positive impact upon all who read it, particularly all those , like you, who have experienced abuse as a child.

    Love, Micki

  4. Micki, it is always a pleasure when you stop in and leave a comment. This book is my legacy and so important to me to finish. The innocent need to know they are not alone and to NEVER give up,

    Blessings Always,

  5. Replies
    1. Hey Lori thanks for stopping in. I would love to hear your story. So sad you had abuse in your life.

  6. It's awesome that you had the strength to write your new book. I'm sure it will be good--how can it not be with all that emotion you would have been dealing with. All the best Rosemary!


    1. Clayton, thank you for the encouraging words. I know I can get through this with the support of friends like you. I hope everyone visits your blog with so many amazing and interesting answers to these same questions

  7. thank you for writing from the heart words that will reach the heart of many others dealing with issues from younger days

    1. Jon, Thank you again for your support. This is an especially difficult book to write but there is a message for others that are being abused and those that abuse in my book. I hope I can reach out and help them both.

  8. I haven't read all of Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler but what I read is GOOD. I feel like I was sitting right next you. I'm equally impressed that you're donating to such worthy causes. Bless your heart and keep writing!

    1. Thank you Yves. I did not know you were reading my book but so happy you feel like my friend on a journey. It was my intention to write it this way. As for my new book, Mamie, this story is much different though both are nonfiction. The first book about Ireland was fun to research and write, the new book is about abuse that spanned over decades beginning in childhood. I hope you will read it when published.

  9. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler tremendously. You drew me in quickly and once again I was back in Ireland and Scotland, countries that I have already visited and will visit again.

    You have the heart of the Irish within you, and it gave the book an extra flavor of the reality of Ireland. Keep writing, keep moving forward. Your style and use of words are excellent.


    1. Patricia, you are so kind and I love the support. I have shared with you my difficult journeys of life and you have always been there. Anyone that reads this, please visit Pat's blog-You will receive so much from her heart.

  10. Hi again,

    As usual, I forgot something that is most important. Thank you for the nomination. I accept it and consider it to be an honor.