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Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

Finds That More Dreams Can Come True!

Douglas & Sandy
Kecia & Dexter
The photo of this young girl is of Mamie. At this time in her life she knew that she was to stand alone and was unwanted. Within a few years she made up her mind she would someday have friends that would fill her life and have a common interest. As time passed it became clear that she wanted to fill her life with those that cared about each other and it finally came to pass-her Extraordinary Dream-a family and friends she could love and cherish, helping each other, grieving for one another, and finally being part of laughter that intertwines with so many.


Sadness has filled the very surroundings with events of storms and violence to many around her and now the time seems right to share these friends and her family and share her concerns for those that have been hurt through violence and or Mother Nature.



Micki Peluso
Sandy Wright &
Carrie Becker
 Sharing today, begins with telling you my name is Mamie and this is my story.  am going off topic to share with you what Family and Friendships mean to me. Our recent disasters in weather and even violence have made me stop and reflect on the many blessings in life. It would be so easy to dwell on what terror, misgivings and the unjust we have in this world but today let's be thankful for our family, extended families and  friends. Sandy and her daughter have shared in my beginnings writing my first book and Rusty (Allen Kane) was one of only a few that read my book when in its roughest stages, encouraging me always-what better friend can one be! Micki and Linda has shared their story of loss and we have grown close just to now watch Micki along with so many suffer the ravages of this violent storm while being unable to help.
Linda Hales

Many friends across the country suffered at the hands of this Super storm Sandy that saddened the country as we sat helplessly by watching a path of destruction and praying our loved ones were safe. Yet feeling a sense of grief for those we do not know but harmed just the same. These two friends were in the path of this storm but managed not to be personally harmed but felt the rage from its destruction of their nearby neighbors. I count my blessings these friends are safe.

One of my extended family members is Robert Punt whom is a Physiotherapist. A giving compassionate medical professional that cares about everyone and their well being. On September 13th, 2012 at approximately 7 PM, from his clinic he observed what appeared to be someone that may need help. So he walked outside his clinic towards this half dressed man laying on the ground upon twigs and found him to appear as unresponsive. Robert turned to go get help when this man suddenly in a drunken stupor and apparently high on drugs, attached him striking Robert in the head with a rock and repeatedly telling Robert he was going to kill him. My blessing-His injury was bad but he was alive and well after recovering. Sad because our justice system has taken so long to even arrest this man. Now, this is an abbreviated version of this story and there is much more to share but this is another story!

 I am not sure what the fire, floods, earthquakes, tsunami's, violence, rage and disease have come to mean or if it is a sign of what is to come for our futures, but we must find that special way to find thanks for all we do have by remembering our friends and family..

Just for fun, I decided to look up in the Webster Dictionary the meaning of family and friends.
Ginny Cash, Author
Poulsbo-special friend

Allen Kane, MD
You would be amused at some of those definitions but for friends it states it is a "clan, buddy, chum which made me think of fish, compadre, comrade, confidant, crony, mate [chiefly British], musketeer, pal; one attached to another by affection or esteem or acquaintance."
I have to admit these definitions seem to be fairly accurate with how I feel about my friends so it does explain how sadness overcomes those when their friends are in harm's way. Just the same I had to laugh at the term "crony!" I somehow would not think of this term as tears flowed from my eyes watching the news when so many of my friends were caught, trapped with nowhere to escape as Sandy pounced their very lives leaving many stranded, lost, with no power or water as they watched their friends and family fight huge losses or life. Truly a helpless feeling-only prayers were available for most of us in an effort to hold tight to those we have grown to love.


Seems this was also a time to reflect on friends that have lost their loved ones and those we had lost ourselves. A friend whose husband of almost 50 years now alone but cradled by her family and friends. Another, again I am helpless to comfort but so grateful to call a friend.

These people here are also my friends and I wish to give thanks to all those here and more. The photo above reflects my many author friends and I certainly encourage you to Google their names and see what wonderful amazing people and Authors they all are. Special thanks to Clayton Bye for making this collage for me to use.

The names are listed from above are from left to right.

Top Row: Ron L. Cherry, CA.; Peggy Strack, NewYork; Linda Hales, Ontario; Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins, WA.; T.R. Heinan, AZ.; Martha Char Love, Hawaii; Jon Magee, Scotland; Stuart Carruthers, Taiwan;

Row 2:

Clayton Bye, Ontario;  Ron L. Cherry; Delinda McCann, WA.; Bryan Murphy, Italy and England; Louise Malbon-Reddix, Maryland; Sandra Nichlinger; Micki Peluso, New York; Kenneth Weene, AZ; Sharla Shults, Georgia; Dicy McCullough, North Carolina;

Row 3:

Randi Fine; Cynthia Ainsworthe, Florida; Clint Evans, Texas;

Tony Bertot, Arizona; Tyler Tichelaar, Pennsylvania; Raani York, CA.; Linneann Larsen, CA; Laura Vosika, Minn; Marta Merajver, Buenos Aires

Row 4:

Dan O'Brien, CA; Sandra McLeod Humphrey, MN.; Patricia Garia, Germany; Timothy N Stelly Sr, CA; D. M. Pirrone, ILL.; Rev. Yves Johnson, AZ;  Monica Brinkman; Mary Firmin, CA; Cherrye Vasquez, Texas


Family:  Anyone that is blood related or anyone you love! That is my own definition. Webster's was too complicated!

Photo: Doug & Kecia, Sister-in-law, Diane helped with my book proofreading and hand drew my map, Doug, myself, daughter-Kecia and son-in-law, Jonathan & husband Douglas, Sweet Sandy.

 This is my immediate family but there are more whose photos were not available. They are my riches and blessings so great no words will explain.
Brother, John

 I love you all-Family and Friends. Do remember to stop and give thanks for yours.

Thank you for once again visiting my blog and I look forward to your return.

Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins
  Extraordinary Dreams
                 of an
      Ireland Traveler


  1. Mamie, I don't believe in all my years have I ever read anything so loving and true to heart than the words you have transpired today. Throughout life, friends come and friends go. Those whose acquaintances were established in high school and college seem to fade only remaining as memories while lives change and move on to different careers and parts of the country. Since I began utilizing the social networks and especially upon entering the blogosphere, I have encountered priceless connections and friendships that far surpass any of my past. Perhaps it is our connections through writing and the ability to express and share experiences of life that bring us all together through both sadness and happiness. These friends are those we can cherish as ever-lasting built on Christian values. May this day and all days forth be forever blessed, my dear friend. Ireland bound!

    1. Thank you Sharla and well stated. Our friendships seem so different from any of the ones established long ago. Not to take away from them but somehow they feel stronger in faith in one another and always supportive. You are a treasure indeed as a friend and we are looking forward to knowing you better once in Ireland!

      Thank you for visiting.

  2. Very Beautiful, just like you! Love you!

    1. Deirdre,
      You are another treasure for which I am grateful for always having in my life and to hear from you when time allows your visits.. Thank you for your kind words and know they are very much returned.

  3. Rosemary, You have created a work of both love and art--something we can all treasure forever. Knowing how much work you put into it makes it even more prescious to me. I can't think of a finer tribute to friends and family than a scrapbook blog to go back and browze through. I am honored to be considers a friend and thankful that you are always here for me and others. God love you--you are an angel on earth!