Sunday, November 18, 2012

Authors Group

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

Authors Finding a Common Ground

A very special thank you to all my author friends and many blessings for the Holidays. Soon we will be updating this collage to include more amazing authors as our extended family grows. Please be sure to check out our group Pinterest Boards at:  where you will find varying genres from all of us. Be sure to click on the Promotions board to find special offers in time for the holidays. I have a special offer there waiting for you! Just e-mail me direct.


I love all my Family and Friends. Do remember to stop and give thanks for yours.

 Thank you for once again visiting my blog and I look forward to your return.

Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins

Extraordinary Dreams

of an

Ireland Traveler


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  1. Rosemary,
    What an outstanding job you did on this--a work of love to be sure. I think you must open another blog as this one must stay just as it is so it can be enjoyed over and over again. You continue to amaze me with your insights and talents in putting together the things that matter most and deal with the love of people--and more recently the loss of one of them.

    Love you always, Micki