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Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins

I would like to share a link with you that takes you on a history of Blarney with a radio interview and another link that shares the Blarney Woollen Mills, which was one of my favorite locations.

   Blarney Woollen Mills slide show:
Radio Interview with Darren Smyth I have written about before.   This interview was in New York just a few weeks ago.  (

Just to refresh your memory, I would like to remind you of what I had happen to me in Ireland and how easy it was  to resolve.

An excerpt from my book:

Pharmacies with the most knowledgeable pharmacist's I have ever met were available whenever you needed them.  I injured my foot while walking and of course on a weekend-so I went to a pharmacy and asked for help.  When I told them I was a diabetic, he said he would look at it and tell me if I should go for emergency care or not.  This was a major help for us.  All was well, advice easy to follow and help secured.
Now, here is a link I would like to refer you to whenever you need help:

Christ Church and Dublina
Dublin Castle


Trinity College

Due to a nasty auto accident just 9 months prior to our vacation, I had trouble with my balance so it affected my walking gait and checking my feet each day was critical for my diabetic health which I strongly recommend to each of you traveling as diabetics.    


I am not a professional medical person, just one that is a diabetic and has learned to watch out for any possible problems. Please get the advice of your own physicians before traveling.

Take time to learn about the country you are visiting for their walking conditions such as steep hills, pebble stone walk ways, etc and know a bit about emergency care in that country. Also check your health insurance to be sure you have coverage out of the country you reside. We also purchased the special health insurance for travelers so if an emergency arises you have no doubt about coverage or transport home should it be necessary.

Bunratty Castle

Here are just a few basic tips:

1. Plan your vacation so you have everything you need to insure a safe trip. Make a list way in advance so you are aware of what needs to be packed and what you may need to pick up.

Leave nothing to chance.

2. Always keep your small bag with you and not checked, with enough supplies to last the entire trip remembering checked bags can get lost. Check with your airline about carrying on board your diabetic supplies especially if you are insulin dependent and will be carrying your syringes. I would also suggest you carry a prescription for everything including your testing supplies to prove your need to carry these on the plane. Don't forget your disposable containers.

Sorry everyone but the awful 911 event ruined it for everyone and security is a must.

Eyre Square-Galway
Many of the following are Suggestions per the ADA: Test strips, extra batteries for your testing equipment, all your medication in labeled prescription bottles, written prescriptions themselves, Antibiotic ointments, small assortment of bandages, anti-nausea medications and enough supplies to last twice the time planned away in case of any unforeseen incidences.

Be sure to carry your doctors name, telephone numbers, medical insurance cards and emergency contact information.          

 3. If you are planning to be more active than usual, be sure especially if on diabetic medication or insulin to pack enough testing supplies so you regularly check your blood sugars to avoid hypoglycemia.

CARRY ID as a diabetic or have a medic alert bracelet or necklace for emergencies information.

Cliffs of Moher
4. If you are walking more than usual, inspect your feet every day for any signs of stress. Do not buy new shoes and break them in on vacation. 

 Walking shoes of a good quality are critical.

Shipwreck-Inis Oirr

5. Many years ago, my husband decided it was handy and easier to carry your medical history with current medications and allergies listed on a computer sheet for easy access should an emergency arise. It has been useful for any time travel or not.                        

Atlantic Ocean-Inis Oirr
6. Check your airline regarding snacks. I do not believe you will be allowed to carry them on board from home so unless you buy them on the security side at the airport, you may want to be sure to make arrangements for having a snack during the time in flight and a meal if flying extended times.

7. Keeping close records on your blood sugars while traveling can help you avoid potential problems so ask your doctor haw many times a day you should test while away.      


Kylemore Abbey Gardens
8. At The Airport-Taken from the website of the ADA directly:

Traveling by air can be stressful, especially if you have diabetes-related items to keep in tow.

Fortunately, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows people with diabetes to carry testing supplies and medications in their hand luggage.

This would be a great time to have your paper work in tact (prescriptions and perhaps a letter from your physician regarding your diabetes) so you have no issues. This is just my opinion.

Thank you for visiting my blog once again and I hope this information will be helpful for those traveling with diabetes.

10% of my profits will be donated to the Diabetes Foundation for research.

Many Blessings and Happy Traveling!
Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins