Monday, September 17, 2012


Grafton Street

Dublin Ireland

Photograph By:
Peter Zoeller , Copyright

There is no other definition needed to tell you that this was some experience!  We, staying  at The Fitzwilliam Hotel just had to walk out of our hotel take a left down the sidewalk, take a stroll about 100 yards and you are in the busiest shopping area in most of Ireland.
You can stroll and look around, eat, grocery shop, buy anything you want and be entertained all at the same time!  Now, that is a treat to say the least.

What a time we had here with no pressures of time restraints. We walked and found so much to entertain us and all for little to no cost. I had read before visiting Dublin this was just another shopping area, but I have never encountered a place where it is all in one location. Tired feet?? Well, just visit the salon for feet-a massage and soak! Definitely a good idea when they feet are exhausted from the miles of walking one can do if so inclined.  Now, I would like to share with you that if you are a Diabetic or have special handicaps that effect your feet you need to be sure your are properly fit with walking shoes and examine your feet daily for any signs of stress.

Just a Tip:

I entered a Pharmacy with the most knowledgeable pharmacist's I have ever met.  I injured my foot while walking and of course on a weekend-so I went to a pharmacy and asked for help.  When I told them I was a diabetic, he said he would look at it and tell me if I should go for emergency care or not.  This was a major help for us.  All was well, advice easy to follow and help secured and he did not charge us anything for his advise.

Now back to Grafton Street.

You will find I would guess shops numbering in the hundreds with the finest clothing, perfumes, shoes, jewelry, gift stores, specialty ties for men, pottery, many many pubs, live entertainment, street performers, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, pet stores for that special treat for your pets when you go back home and even books.

Need a bank-it is there too.

Yes, this is like no other place I have ever seen in one place. I loved it there because we could see what Ireland crafters, merchants and restaurants offered different than we found at home. Look  around and stop in for a coffee and pastry, walk some more and enjoy the street performers, walk and look more and stop in at a pub for a drink or lunch or dinner as it is a great place to eat for a small cost.

This is a place I would certainly recommend for the day you arrive.  An easy way to get your jet lag worked off while being entertained. As I have mentioned before in another post, you can even go to a grocery store on Grafton Street for a picnic lunch and walk a few blocks to the St. Stephens Green for a lovely picnic by the ponds.

All in all a fairly restful day.

Grafton Street is a one mile stretch and if you do your share of shopping, it will feel as though you walked fifteen miles at the end of a day.  This experience will not let you down and traffic is the least of your worries as it is closed off to autos but there can be found at all hours many walking pedestrians crowded into the street.  So you serious shoppers-this is for you!  Remember streets throughout Ireland are mostly found to be a cobble street in Dublin too so shoes are a very important role for traveling.

Next week, I will talk about Diabetes and what to do to protect yourself as a traveler overseas.

Once again, thank you for following my blogs and I hope you have enjoyed this part of our journey!

Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins



  1. Fascinating story, fascinating place!! I loved the part about the pharmacist acting as a paremedic, which saved a trip to Er which would not have been fun. How I wish I had the stamina for such a trip! I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your new picture. You look beautiful.

  2. Your journey is totally fascinating. . .the country, the culture, the adventure! Not sure hubby has the stamina for such activity but who knows what may happen in a year of two.

    Thank you for sharing all your activities. . .looking forward to the next❤

  3. I can't wait to go to Ireland someday! And I agree with Micki, I just love your new picture too! Your are amazingly beautiful!

  4. You make lifelong friends wherever you go, Rosemary, and that is just who you are! What a cool pharmacist and what a memorable journey and I love your picture too!