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"Healing and Pampered in ONE TOWN"


WHAT A CATCHY NAME!  Just let this name roll off your tongue, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a setting so peaceful you feel as though the clouds will carry you away.  This special town has been known since the Iron Age and Christian Era with it's magical spas and many tourist attractions that will capture your interest but also offer you a special healing for what may ail your beings. Located off the west coast above Dingle and below Galway..


Provided to you from Lisdoonvarna:

Victorian Spa Complex and Health Centre where the  water contains: magnesia, iodine and iron and said to have health restoration benefits. This was discovered in the eighteenth century and the only active spa centre in Ireland.  The centre offers sulfur bathes, wax treatments, massage and saunas, so this may be the perfect plae to visit afte your walk in the Burren or place to just spend the day of relaxation.


Located in the heart of the Burren Region which in itself offers a scenery so beautiful you may never want to leave.  If reading the many Internet sites the one thing they share in common is that this is a truly breath taking location and can be a challenging walk if not an experienced walker.  Also it is said many times over that you must have strong walking shoes. It seems most walks take about 2 to 2-1/2 hours and are available guided with experienced personnel.


The Burren itself is over one hundred square miles and much of it with jagged limestone but also offering countryside just for exploring, known for it's mystery and beauty.


Before returning to our information of Lisdoonvarna, here are a few descriptions of what you will find in the Burren provided from the web site at:    


Burren Centre:  In Kilfenora visit the Burren Centre is a good place to learn about the Burren before exploring it.


Lemenagh Castle: contains a 15th centaury residential tower and a 17th centaury fortified house.


Burren Perfumery: A little off the beaten track, this perfumery founded 35 years ago at the centre of a quiet valley in the heart of the Burren is a must visit.


Caherconnell Stone Fort: This large and perfect fort 140-145 feet in external diameter dates back to 400 to 1200 ad.


Poulnabrone Dolmen: This 6000 year old Dolmen was excavated in 1986, among the discoveries were the remains of 16-22 adults and 6 children.


Ailwee caves: These caves form part of a cave system created by the action of melt waters from a prehistoric ice age on the limestone below the burren. There is also cheese making , a farm shop and a birds of prey centre.


There is much more available so please if interested, explore at the local libraries or on line.


For those adventurous, pack a lunch and head out from Lisdoonvarna for this unique experience.


Whatever your choice, please be considerate and leave the wildlife and floral array of magnificent plants untouched.


As I have said Lisdoonvarna offers the visitors many features that are of interest. One of such activities is the Match-matching Festival in September which brings this small town population from about 800 people to over 40,000 during the month.


A festival called "Match Making" began due to all the visitors going there for these benefits and is still celebrated today in its honor.   Because it is a long-standing tradition, we thought we would provide you with the information about this festival below for all you single people looking for your mate!  This festival has become one of Europe's largest singles event with song and celebration that last into the night with dancing from noon until the wee hours of the next morning.   Dance exhibitions and traditional music are also a large part of the activities.


Other Activities to be enjoyed in Lisdoonvarna are as follows:


The Lisdoonvarna Horse Racing Festival- Three day event

The Marching Band Festivals Weekend- Three Day event

The annual Irish Barbeque Championships-Early September


NOW, here is where we found to be most delightful for cuisine and comfort.






'An Undeniable Experience'




Traveling through Ireland to this point has been adventures in many different forms from grand disappointment to the most exciting of a lifetime!  Sheedy's Country House and Restaurant is no exception. 


In fact, we would tell you that if you are going to visit Doolin, drive a few minutes further and stay and dine in Lisdoonvarna at Sheedy's.  It is a convenient location to reach the Aran Islands or tour the Cliffs of Moher but would suggest you drive to Galway and fly to the Aran Islands. 


John and Martina will hold your attention with their charm, wit and compassion as you feel that you have become an extended part of their family.  As you approach their entrance of this three hundred year old family home you first have to walk past the lovely flower garden and walkway.


On an evening with a mild breeze, as it was when we were there, the aroma from the roses and sweet flowers set the mood for what you find once you open the doors to Sheedy's.  If first impressions tell you what you can expect, then you will feel extreme satisfaction from the time you drive up until you leave.


Sheedy's was quite different from anywhere we had ever been before.  In the past when we had dined out we were taken to the dining area and there you waited to be served.


Not so here!  We were led to the foyer next to the fire where we could sit and enjoy a beverage of our choice and where they served us hors d'oeuvres. Here is a quote from their web page and it is certainly true enough!




"John started his career as a chef in the mid 1980s in the Michelin Star restaurant of the Plaza Athénée in Paris before returning to Ireland to the Blue Book Property, Longueville House in Mallow Co. Cork. 


This Hotel and Restaurant has one of the most immersive and compassionate locations in all of the country.  You will not leave here hungry or mistreated.


Martina makes sure that each guest in treated as though they were her only guest with several visits to your table during dinner to be sure that your service, meal, and even beverage is all that you expected and more.  


Sheedy;s comes equipped with eleven (11) room- six (6) Double Beds (two of which have six foot wide beds) and five (5) twins.  Rates range from only 99 Euros to 180 Euros per room

and they are open April through October. 


The restaurant has a seating capacity of 25 and both breakfast and dinner are served.


Be sure to see the web page for more interesting facts and photos.

Go to


Now, I would like to share with  you their menu in part so you can see for yourself this is a bargain:





Warm Tart of  Local Organic St Tola Goats Cheese

Carpacchio of Beetroot, Caramelised Onions and Figs, Red Wine Syrup



Confit of Duck Leg,

 Celeriac Salad, Pickled Plums and Walnut Dressed Leaves



 Pan Seared Scallops

 Served with a Sherry and Red Pepper Sauce



Fresh Homemade Soup of the Evening






Fresh Soup of the Evening served with Homemade Brown Bread



Salad of Roasted Pear with Cashel Blue Cheese Dressing



Smoked Salmon Platter served with Homemade Brown Bread

Starter Size 9.00  Main Course Size 16.00


Slow Cooked Beef, served with Horseradish Mash and Red Wine Sauce



Crispy Duck Confit, Garlic Potatoes, Side Salad



Basket of Bread 2.50


Side Plate of Vegetables 3.50






Roast Rack of Burren Lamb with Mustard and Parsley Crust, Spinach and Confit of Shoulder, Lamb Jus



 Sirloin Steak

 Prime Irish Hereford Steak Served with Braised Shallots, Horseradish & Chive Mash and Red Wine Sauce



Fresh Fish of the Day

Baked Fillets of Fish served with a Mild Spanish Red Pepper Sauce



 Pork Belly

 Slow Cooked Caramelised Belly of Pork with Mustard Mash, Maderia Sauce




* * * *


Served with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream




A Light Cooked Lemon Cream, Shortbread Biscuits and Raspberry Sorbet




Parfait of Organic Blackcurrant and Raspberries served with Biscotti Biscuits




Served with Vanilla Ice Cream





These prices are subject to change without notice.





Thank you for visiting my blog and I do hope you have enjoyed this journey to Lisdoonvarna.



Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins




I have provided you with many more details in my book which you will find at:

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