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Claddaugh ring
Monday, August 6,  2012 is our wedding anniversary so before I add my Ireland blog, in special recognition to my partner in every way, I wanted to share what is written in my book with one exception. Monday marks our twenty fourth  (24th) Anniversary.  I love you dearly!   Follow the story of the Claddaugh ring next week.



My husband is the love of my life. He has been my partner for more than twenty years so with that said, I want you to meet the man that in some ways is my co-author.  We travel most journeys together and this one was no different.  While I wrote my book, he put up with all the "stuff" a writers spouse or partner would, by simply being ignored for hours or days in between as our minds are working faster than our fingers.  It is then, the partners in your life step up and put you back together!  So, how could you not call them your co-writer!  As in a co-pilot, they are as important.

This book or writing a book has been my dream not his, yet he supports my efforts and applauds my persistence to finish. 

Now that my first book has been published, I am sure he must be wishing he could go back to work! Retirement is one word he wishes I could remember the meaning of as now in addition to the "Honey-Do's" (which he writes for himself) now he blogs, edits and has become ignored again as I write my next book, plan our next trip to Ireland and write or answer hundreds of e-mails each day!  For all your future blogs and edits, I thank you for your unending patience.

Dear, you are my partner in every way.  Thank you for all that you are.  I love you Dearly and certainly give you credit for being my co-author!

Above all, I dedicate this book and every book I write to you.


Dublin Ireland

Seems only right to start at the beginning where our Extraordinary memories begin as we celebrate our anniversary early all through Ireland for three weeks!

Fitzwilliam Hotel Lobby
The crisp fresh air was a bit chilly with dew still on the ground but the sun was shining when we arrived at the Fitzwilliam Hotel-St. Stephen's Green.

We were greeted  with an alert and  compassionate hotel staff that accommodated us very quickly.   It was a treat to feel so welcome after a long flight, as though we had never left home!

Hotel Room
Check out our room!  This was certainly a welcome site after flying sixteen (16) hours!   We wanted to catch a two hour rest before our meeting with the head of the hotel Public Relations/Sales Director, we had set up prior to arrival.  And then on to Guinness Storehouse for a tour at noon.

RosemaryAdkins and
Bronagh Kelleher
She, Bronagh Kelleher was so gracious to agree to a meeting without ever knowing why we ask for this meeting. Of course, we wanted to get her ideas of where to visit but mostly for details about the Fitzwilliam Hotel so we could share it with you. Also, we wanted to negotiate a special offer for your visit there, exclusive to my book.

The hotel was decorated in quiet tranquil color decors.  Our hallway, as the others were painted a two tone grey with luscious burgundy colored carpets with an edging of white script lettering using the letter "F" for Fitzwilliam on the border in white.  The doors themselves were a heavy dark wood unlike so many hotels that offer white cold steel doors giving you a chill as you enter the rooms.   These hallways were most pleasing to the eyes and set the mood to relax when arriving at your room.

The decor was extremely tasteful and restful in every corridor, room and lobby of this fabulous hotel.

This Five Star Hotel certainly earns its rating in every way.  Oh, don't worry about arriving early in the morning tired and needing a place to relax-The Fitzwilliam Hotel offers a feature we have never before seen.  They offer you a dayroom to clean  up in and rest until your room is ready!  How easy is that?  No extra charge for that luxury either. 

Now back to the experience of a lifetime!  We had a complimentary tray of fruit that came (at a perfect time I might add) and most important- our room was ready at 7 AM.  Have you ever tried to check in that early anywhere?  Most all locations in our past, you have had to wait to check in later.  Much later!!  In this hotel, they believe that the guest arriving are tired and need a place to rest and clean up, so they have a room available that you can use just for that purpose if your room is not yet ready to occupy!

Want even more luxury-be sure to check out their Penthouse-never could you imagine being so spoiled!

The head Concierge, Robert Devine and his staff will assist your every need. Upon returning to this amazing room, your room was not just cleaned but tidied up so everything was neat and orderly for your enjoyment.

Be sure to say hello to Bronagh and Robert if you get there before we do!

There is so much to tell you about this Hotel, but I can't give it all away so be sure to pick up my book for those special offers exclusive to the book from this hotel and read about all the many more attractions this location has waiting for you.

We had truly found ourselves the place to be in Dublin where a five star hotel did not mean stuffy and pretentious but polite, buzzing with activity, friendly and exquisite all in one! 


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Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins


  1. Another teaser to get us to Ireland. I love your tribute to your husband. I too have a wonderful writing supporter in my husband, Keith. I know I would never have finished my novel without him.

  2. That was a sweet dedication to Doug. I know he supoorts you in every way. Even though I've read the book twice, I still feel like I'm traveling with you through these blogs.That's a great review by Mary.

    Hugs, micki

  3. I enjoyed today's blog post. The Fitzwilliam Hotel sounds like a delightful place--especially with their attention to a weary traveler's needs!
    Your tribute to your husband as your co-author was wonderful too. You're right -- our "significant others" put up with a lot from us when we're in writing mode, and they deserve recognition.

  4. Great reviews about that hotel. Glad that you share this with us! And it's really obvious you really had a remarkable experience there. :)

    Kheira @ Luxury Hotels

  5. Beautiful post as always and I am "so there" with you in Ireland!
    And what a beautiful tribute to your husband! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  6. Happy Anniversary Doug and Rosemary! May God bless you with many more! Loved the post, I am going.... someday!

  7. Wonderful post. Happy Anniversary! I have always wanted to visit Ireland. I really enjoyed this.

    Paul R. Hewlett

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! That is for today and many, many more to come:>)

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