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Greetings from Mamie It is said that there was one man that truly longed for Molly Malone and deeply mourned her passing. He was said to have loved her more than most and even pined away his life for her. He, named Pierre (perhaps fictional asMolly was thought to be by some) was at the time a street bum singing for tips tossed into his old opera hat. He was also said to have been the abandoned son of a French descent and a poor Irish waitress. It supposedly was said that he use to stand in the area he knew where she would come to sell her fish and when she came by he would tip his hat and sing a opera love song just for her. This went on for some time when one day she did not show up with her sunshine happiness. He remembered she had looked ill for days before, so he became so worried he had began to look for his true love to confess his feelings. He then heard she had passed moments before he arrived to be by her side due to a raging disease no one could cure. Pierre had not realized that she was so ill and it threw him in the depths of depression to learn he could not help her. Still trying to get to her, he ran into the streets for what seemed an eternity but arrived too late-she passed before he could confess his love to Molly Malone- Fact or Fiction? Pierre nearly losing his mind with grief seeing her face and hearing her voice one moment and disappearing again, imagining her voice singing out "Cockles and Muscles, alive alive oh!" decided to set sail for England finding passage on a tourist vessel and ended up in Belgium instead. There he took a job working at a restaurant washing dishes and other odd jobs. He saved his money and chose to not talk to or befriend anyone while still grieving for his love, Molly Malone! It is also said that he became a man of many talents building himself a large Tudor home and a restaurant chain of fine dining even venturing into the Riviera. He choose to never see any other woman. (they say he never dated Molly Malone either-just loved her from afar) He never sang again after Molly died until one night while serving a dinner as he did from time to time, he believed he heard her voice cry out as she ordered a house special (a fish platter) "Cockle and Muscles alive alive oh!" and while his eyes caught her hair shining in the light, eyes with tears of joy down her cheeks seeing his precious Molly Malone gave him the voice he had lost for so many years-Pierre sang her the romantic song from years gone by! Now, is this Fact or Fiction? The sadness about her death was reported to have an effect on the opera houses all over Europe and they paid their respect by performing operas for one month nonstop as a charity for the poor in her honor. Again, Fact or Fiction? Many tales exist about her (some very twisted indeed) being a sweet hard working young girl selling her fish by day and body by night yet dying young but was this again- Fact or Fiction? Now, being a romantic at heart, I would like to believe she was a sweet young girl that was unfortunate at being poor, not being able to get medical help when she was ill and passed away with this fever caused from working too hard when she should have been resting. That Pierre did love her with an innocent heart and the two of them are now together celebrating life as it should have been then. Now, that was my version on the tale and who really knows, the truth will probably never be known but as long as this sexy statue exists, she still entertains the tourist and men alike. She is probably photographed more than any other woman in history. Take your photos of her while in Dublin or pose with her for your memories and your own tales! It seems that she is known in many parts of the world all with a different version of this tale and with their own version of the sonnet "Cockles and Muscles alive alive oh!" Wouldn't you like to know or do you know someone like Molly Malone? What do you think? Fact or Fiction? According to an article I read today written by Lynne Kelleher with the newspaper 'Irish Independent' By Lynne Kelleher Saturday October 29 2011 MOLLY Malone was a character invented to send up the Irish, according to a new probe into the roots of the song. Experts insist there isn't any evidence to prove that Dublin's most famous female ever lived in the capital or that she was a prostitute by night. And a leading historian has now suggested that the song about a beautiful fishmonger may have been written in Scotland for comic purposes. Professor Daithi O hOgain, from University College Dublin, believes that the popular folk song, which was written in Edinburgh in 1883 by James Yorkston, was likely to have been penned to lampoon the Irish. He said: "In the concert halls during the Victorian era, various races were ridiculed to a certain extent. 'Molly Malone' may have been composed in Scotland to mock Irish people and their songs.

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